Multi remote control works with IR and RF

universal remote control center

One remote control idea isn’t new one. There are plenty universal remotes available but they usually made for IR channel. Being electronics nerd you probably have several wireless technologies around the house. And you probably won’t find a universal remote for this. The only way is to make your own. Kalle spent some time in putting such thing together. The remote control center is based on Atmega88 microcontroller. it can send and receive data from several transmitters including nRF20L01, simple 433MHz module, and IR. The first one is great for sending packet data as it already has built in packet analysis feature. 433MHz module is used for simple turn on/off remote devices and IR takes care of infrared controlled devices like TV, stereo. So far remote controller accepts commands from PC based software via COM port. But final goal seems to be smart phone control which is still a work in progress. (translated) Continue reading

ATmega88 based POV weather station generates its own power

We like POV(Persistence of Vision) projects – specially those with unique ways to transmit energy to the turning row of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). This POV however beats the rest that we have seen so far – this one is a freakin weather station. Instead of displaying graphics this POV displays the current temperature and relative humidity. And the best thing we like about this guy? It generates its own energy! It uses a stepper motor as a generator, when a stepper motor is turned current flow through its wires. It is then rectified using a set of diodes and stored into a 6 – capacitor charge bank. The Charged stored in the bank is then fed to a  TPS5420 buck converter that outputs 3.5V – just enough to drive the ATmega88 microcontroller and the 8 – LED array. The ATmega88 is operating at 10MHz while it gathers humidity and temperature data from an SHT21 using I2C protocol. To sync when to start displaying, it uses a hall effect sensor from an old floppy drive  – this is used to determine absolute… Continue reading

It’s Time to Continue Your Game Adventure with This Cool Game Gadgets!

Do you a vivid game player that has a familiar experience with the “Slaying Dragons” game? Well, if you did, then you’ll be very interested about this infrared IR link project! You must be wondered, “What’s the specialty about this infrared IR link?” For your information, this infrared IR link is provides bi-directional communication between the NXT and the new Power-Functions system. Those components that consist in this infrared IR link are a battery box, motors, a remote control (an IR transmitter) and an IR receiver that can be used to control the motors! You will need to use an AVR Dragon to program the ATmega88. The Dragon is a USB programmer or debugger. It can use to program the AVR by using several different protocols, and it can be used to conduct in-system debugging of an AVR. Normally, it costs less than $50 and it’s equipped with many great features inside it! The only matter about this AVR Dragon is it turns out to be a very sensitive device, and you should be watch out for its sensitive parts.… Continue reading

Self powered AVR anemometer

Windmetter or so called anemometer measures wind speed up to 17 meters/s. Wind speed is measured and logged over period of 1/12 of a year and is stored for 11 months. Log can be read any time by connecting a computer to station. Anemometer is self powered from solar panel, which provides enough energy to run AVR ATmega88 controller circuit. Solar panel charges battery, which can provide enough energy for 50 days. Program is written in C language and can be compiled with WinAVR tools. Project it self is very well documented with lots of illustrations and detail explanation. It is really great thing for those who are construction their own weather stations. Continue reading