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Device to measure sports performance

This device named as Fight Coach is sensor system that can be inserted into sports gear which will permit fighters to manage evaluate their performance. By tracking the athlete’s hand movement and displaying it in real-time, Fight Coach can help athletes optimize their training. However, the main advantage of this device is that it’s small enough to fit into their equipment without causing much trouble or comfort problem to the athlete. Moreover, it has USB rechargeable battery system along with a wireless system. The ATMEGA32U4 microcontroller does the major work which is also connected to a RN-41 Bluetooth module for wireless functionality. Motion data, generated by the accelerometer and gyroscope, is obtained by the MCU via i2c, and the MCU then transmits that data to a Bluetooth module via UART,… Continue reading

Flora – new player in wearable electronics

Probably you’ve seen LilyPad – and arduino compatible dev board which is mainly used in fabric based electronics. Lots of people love adding electronics in to clothes. These can be anything from LED signs or more advanced projects. Adafruit announced a new open source platform Flora, which is gonna be a great competitor to LilyPad. This is a new platform with new features some people may find interesting. First of all it is smaller size 1.75” diameter. It is based on Atmega32u4 what means that it have native USB support and obviously has HID functionality. You will be able to to program Flora to act like mouse, keyboard or MIDI device. Flora is module based system where with sewable conductive threads you can connect Bluetooth, GPS, accelerometers and many more… Continue reading