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The RGBike POV is The Right Choice for All the Beginners!

You know what, most children (Even the adults) love something totally different than other, as it making us feeling cool and outstanding! If you’re the parent of the kids, and you would like to reward them for being a good child, then might be this RGBike POV is the right choice! Why this RGBike POV is special from the others? Well, with the full color POV, which is capable of displaying text, images and small animations on it, it’s very hard to resist this beauty! For this project, it uses 16 RGB LEDs on a single layer board printed circuit board. To be honest, this open source project is entirely through-hole design, which is making the whole assembly becoming easier! Beside that, you need to use a Hall Effect sensor, as this for synchronizing the image display. Since the ATmega328p microcontrollers are being used in this project, so it makes the whole thing arduino compatible. The RGBike POV is fitted the 26” wheels perfectly, but it also have the downfall, as only one side of the wheel is illuminated. In… Continue reading