Universal electronics component tester

When you are working with electronics or simply building stuff, you probably always end up testing one or several components for their faults or making sure parameters are within specs. Most of those tasks can be done with multimeter. Obviously any multimeter have resistor and capacitance testing modes. Anyway, there are more components that may be tested and using multimeter might require some setup. Baweja_akshay have built pretty universal component tester which is capable of testing most of non power electronics components. I is capable of testing resistors, capacitors including ESR, BJTs, FETs, MOSFETs, JFETs, Thyristors (SCR, DIAC, TRIAC), IGBTs, diodes. Additionally tester is capable of measuring voltages up to 50V, frequency and even generate signals. Optionally there is an IR code detector. The tester is based on Atmega328 microcontroller which drives all testing logic and displays results on LCD screen. After building first version and seeing what needs to be improved, he plans on building second tester version which is going to be more compact and feature rich. Continue reading

Chomp gives more inputs to MIDI controller

ManyMIDIprojects end up with several input buttons and knobs. What if you need more inputs to control on your musical device? This is where Chomp (Configurable Hardware Open-Source MIDI Platform) may be useful. It is capable of reading 48 analog and digital signals and outputMIDI. It is based on ATmega328 microcontroller so the software is written in arduino way – no problem if you want to modify it. Inputs are organized in to several 2×5 ribbon cable connectors, so no problem to attach your custom button boards or integrate in to your projects. Continue reading