Annoy your friends with HID USB keystroke dongle

This little thing is a small thumbdrive like board that can be attached to any PC back USB socket. It actually acts as phantom keystroke that is capable to send keyboard strokes or move mouse around. As it works as HID it doesn’t need additional drivers so it’s quite fun. Keystroker has some intelligence built in. One of those is a Photoresistor that can be programmed to sense light in the office, or simply speaking – “it’s time to send keystrokes – someone is at the computer.” Secondly it has a dip switch IC where you can select various options of annoyances. The whole fun is built around Teensy USB development board based on ATmega32 microcontroller that is very compact and easy to program. So this is a little fun thing to play around with. Continue reading

Atmega32 based telephony platform

If you have a land-line telephone at home probably it already has lots of features like answering machine, phone number identification, recorder. I bet it can’t do that much as this DIY device does. This telephony platform has lots of features including: • Works both as a standalone device or in conjunction with a PC • Records up to 230 calls or 17 hours of audio with a 512MB MMC/SD card • DTMF detection for European-style incoming caller ID and outgoing number detection • Allows listening to calls in real time or replaying them later • Allows simultaneous record and playback • Transmits audio over the serial port either in real time or replaying from the memory ca • LCD for call progress monitoring and timing • Optional “mini-UPS” battery backup allows operation even in case of power failures Device is built around Atmega32 microcontroller and smaller ATTiny45 which is responsible for battery voltage and AAA NiMH charging. Device is controlled by 5 push buttons while viewing actions in simple 2×16 LCD. Great project to make your home more hacked.… Continue reading

Easy Input – The Great Helper of Disabled People!

As a human being, we should be  glad that we’re born as a healthy person. Do you know that there are many unfortunate people that living helpless in this world? For helping those disabled people to overcome the difficulties in their life, a group of research from Cornell University School of Electrical and Computer Engineering has developed an intelligent stuff named, “Easy Input”. For your information, Easy Input is a head-controlled keyboard and mouse input device, especially for those disabled users. This system is a little bit different from others, as it uses accelerometers to detect the user’s head tilt in order to direct mouse movement on the monitor. This system is most suitable for paralyzed users, where the user can control the clicking of the mouse by blinking his/her eye through a reflective sensor. With the eye blinking, the user is able to scroll through letters with head tilt as the selection mechanism. Though, this project isn’t suitable for commercial device, as the head unit is still too large. Furthermore, the blink sensor also has to be mounted onto… Continue reading

The Compact Wind LCD Meter

Where do you live? If you living at place that always have strong wind current, then you must check this compact Wind LCD Meter out… As you can see on the above figure, it’s actually a very simple interface to the windmill power storage (It would be awesome, if you can test it with the windmill). There’s a button for the user to toggle and getting the current voltage or percent charge on the stored energy in the windmill battery. In order to conserve the power, the unit is controlled by a toggle switch rather than always be on. The whole system is based on an ATMega32, where is also the main core of the AvronicsKit. By using the onboard ADC, the system samples the voltage across the inputs. The voltage reading is converted into a binary coded decimal (BCD) percentage. Then, the results will be displayed on the LCD. Although the LCD uses the common hd44780 compatible controller, but it does require 8+3 I/O lines (8 data, 3 control). You don’t have to worry about it, as the ATMega32… Continue reading

Transform the Tetris into Scopetris is a Piece of Cake!

If you born in 70s or 80s, one of the most popular games in that moment must be Tetris! Some of you must have this type of experience before: You’re spending the whole day, sitting on the couch just want to break the new record of the Tetris! Although most of us here have been grown up, but hey, it doesn’t mean that we cannot having some good time, isn’t it? Today, you’ll have the chance to build a Tetris game! The different of the Tetris game with other is you have to create with an ATMega32, where the player need to control the beam of an oscilloscope. This project is named as “Scopetris”. In this case, you’ve to implement the Tetris game by yourself, by simply drawing the individual bricks in the playfield. The graphics implementation tries to draw all objects in the game with 100Hz to ensure a smoother appearance. After it, the beam will rest in the top left corner of the playfield. When the number of bricks in the playground starting to increase, the drawing routine… Continue reading

DIY Microcontroller Rocket/Firework Launcher!

Do you have deep interest on how to launch the rocket or even to control the firework? If you do have this kind of thought, then you must be interested on this Microcontroller Rocket/Firework Launcher! Basically, this project is fully based on the Arduino Microcontroller. For your information, it’s also a fine combination of wireless fireworks controller and microcontroller rocket launcher. An Atmega32 microcontroller is the “main brain” for this project because of its quantity of digital I/O lines. Well, if you want to keep things simple but still allowing a workable user interface, then you might consider only using four buttons and two switches, which as: The two switches: Power switch and key switch The four buttons: Left/Right Launch Buttons and Up/Down buttons One thing that you should consider for this project is the different power source. Instead of the ordinary battery, the rechargeable alarm battery would be easy to integrate and would allow recharging. Furthermore, even different up/down buttons next to the LCD would be better improving the whole launcher system and it can make it looking more… Continue reading