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The Universal Multipurpose Battery Charger

Normally, those battery chargers that available on the market are usually only for a certain type of battery. It’s quite hard to find an universal multipurpose battery charger that can charge all types of batteries! Instead of looking for it all over the place, isn’t it better to develop yourself a multi-chemistry battery charger? For your information, this unique universal multipurpose battery charger has two channels. It can charge two different types of batteries at once up to two amps each. This battery charger able to charge the following types of batteries: Nicad batteries; NiMH batteries; LiIon batteries; Sealed lead acid batteries, and Rechargeable alkaline batteries. The project is based on an ATMega32 microcontroller running at 16MHz, which is functioning as the main brain. The 2×16 LCD display with a… Continue reading

The Church Bell Controller

When was the last time you went to the local church? Did you ever have a closer look on the church’s environment? If you want to do something and contribute to the local community, especially the local church, then you’ll find this church bell controller is what you’ve looking for… As you can see on the above figure, this is the main circuit for the church bell controller. The whole system is based on an ATmega32 microcontroller and a 24LC32 EEPROM memory is being included into the circuit board too! Although it looks quite simple, but this church bell controller has many useful features, such as: Over 75 types of melodies (You can download and reset the melodies whenever you want), The automatic correction in case of power loss, The… Continue reading

Networked Biometric Authentication: The Intelligent Fingerprint Identifier!

When you’re still a child, you might want to become some superheroes, such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman or even Inspector Gadget, isn’t it? For those of you that want to fulfill their childhood’s dream, then this Networked Biometric Authentication can turn your dream into real! If you refer to the above figure, you might doubt with its function. The truth is, it more than you’re thinking here! For your information, this project produces an intelligent system, where it can capture a user’s fingerprint and authenticates it against a database via Ethernet communication. All of the authentication results are being displayed via two color LEDs! The Networked Biometric Authentication is starting to have its own market, thanks to the increasing need for securing data field. Although this networked biometric authentication is… Continue reading