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The Combination of Laser Modem with an Arduino Microcontroller

Can you ever imagine that what is the combination of laser modem and Arduino microcontroller looks like? Well, you might think that it will be a hard task and requires many complicated steps to get these two different components assembled, but it is easier than you’re thinking of… Let’s cut the long story short and get this project started right away… You’ll need to apply the serial data transition from an Arduino controller using a standard red laser, photo transistor and an instrumentation amplifier. Before that, please do make sure that you’ve ordered an IR LED and phototransistor pair from the local electronic store with some spare ATMega168 microcontrollers. After that, is time to start the first experiment by simply using the IR LED to transmit 2400 baud serial to the phototransistor. Therefore, you have to program the Arduino Diecimilia with the sample serial program, which it’s altering the baud rate and will allow it to run in a continuous loop! This is surely an interesting and challenging project, hope you all will enjoy it and having fun with it! Continue reading

ArduGame – It Means Game Time!

When talking about the game topics, what is your first reaction for it? Well, most of the people love to play games, is just the matter of the passion level into it. Do you ever thought that you can develop a small portable video game system, which is based on the platform Arduino (Atmega168) and uses a micro-color OLED display of 4D system to display the graphics? Well, isn’t this sounds cool to you here? It will be splendid, if you add a small buzzer to emit the sounds (Just forget about the PSP, if you have this cool and stylish ArduGame!). For the programming part, you can insert what type of programming game codes you want, as this project enables the infinite possibilities for adding new game codes into it! Since the source code is simple and easy to implement, you can quickly install the programming game code in less than minutes. The advantage of using the Micro-OLED-128-GMD1 color 4D systems as the display is it allows even more store images or videos to be shown on screen with… Continue reading

AVR based generic infrared transceiver

The idea of this universal IR remote transceiver (code name unzap) came from famous TV-B-Gone universal TV-off remote. Remote control can be used to turn off any TV on your way. The board is small but includes an Atmega168, a USB port, a 2MB Atmel data flash (for storing all sorts of codes), a learning mechanism (which can detect the correct carrier frequency), four buttons (selecting transmitter and learning mode, enable USB, …) and four powerful IR LEDs. Continue reading