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Pyxis – the open source OS for Arduino

Probably you’ve heard lots of about various OS’es for microcontrollers like RTOS, eCos and so on. But none of them are targeted for Arduino. Well probably Arduino is too low in memory for such bit players. But Thomas W. Holtquist from skewworks.com made it real. Pyxis OS is operating system for Arduino. It is able to run separately compiled programs directly from microSD card and the number of programs is only limited in card size. After all Pyxis is based on so well known programming principles where you can use standard functions for accessing analog and digital pins or other peripherals, but additionally Pyxis programming language gives ability to use specific functions that allow creating various GUI specific objects like Text boxes, Buttons, Progress bars. To compile programs for Pyxis OS use Pyxis Studio where you can write  programs and compile them in to Pyxis executables (PXE). Other interesting feature is that you can convert ATmega EEPROM in to hard drive (PFAT) where you are able to store files, delete up to 4 instances at once. And of course what… Continue reading

DC Boarduino – A Clone Will Make It Good

Did you ever have this experience before? You’ve been struggled to use a solderness breadboard with an Arduino, and you know how annoying it can be. Now, you can dump all of the frustrating into the dumpsite with this new DC Boarduino. This DC Boarduino is a clone that can works with the latest Arduino software. The assembly is so easy to operate and well documented. DC Boarduino features: Well designed to plug into a breadboard Its only sized 3″ x 0.8″ (75mm x 20mm) All pins were brought out – Digital 0 thru 13, Analog 0 thru 5, ARef, 5V, Ground, Vin and Reset A preprogrammed “no-wait” Arduino bootloader 2 LEDs, green power and red “pin 13” Low cost that everyone can affordable All through-hole parts Reset button ATmega168, running at 16.00 MHz 6-pin standard ICSP header Standard 2.1mm DC jack with 5V regulator 6-pin header at the end for a USB-TTL cable Auto-reset capability (with the used of USB-TTL cable) The only matter is this DC Boarduino doesn’t include a USB chip, so you will want an FTDI… Continue reading

DTMF extension for microcontroller system

Telephone lines that maybe found in your house may be used not only for making calls but also for other purpose like home automation, remote device control. To make it possible there is an interface between phone line and microcontroller system needed. This DTMF extension is universal module that can be connected to any microcontroller platform. It detects DTMF tones and decodes them to binary digits that can be easily read by microcontroller, which can decide what tasks to perform. DTMF decoder is based on CM8888 chip which is ideal for interfacing with MCU. Here is an example source code for interfacing with AVR ATmega8535 microcontroller which is written for WinAVR compiler toolset. Continue reading