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Atari Wallet – The Pocket-sized Atari Games Device!

Guys, what’s the common of these games? The Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros and Space Invaders. Yep, they’re all retro games, which are extremely famous in the late 70s and early 80s! If you’re born in 70s or 80s, but you haven’t play these games before, then you’re really outdated. Believe it or not, these three games are known as the top five best seller retro games of all time, and it’s still very famous, even though in this 21st century! Honestly, for the avid retro gamers, you might own at least one or more video game console. Have you ever heard of Atari 2600 before? During the 1980s, Atari 2600 was an icon for the video game and “a must have gadgets” by most of the teenagers! Guess what, the advent technology allowed the creator to repurposed the 100% original Atari 2600 into the pocket-sized “Wallet Atari”. By using the Atari cartridges and a little bit modification, you’re able to create a Wallet Atari, which is allowing the user to carry it to anywhere they go. There’s a card… Continue reading