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Raspberry Pi based ASTROGUN

This project is a mixture of gaming and electronics. The game is really basic – the player stands and needs to shoot Asteroids that are advancing towards him from any course, before they hit him. There is a mini radar on the screen which displays the location of Asteroids around the player. However, above all the most interesting thing about the project is a HUD which is a display that shows an image overlay on the background.  The gun works on a Raspberry PI along with an IMU card which provides an orientation. Using this info, the PI is able to project out the various elements. The graphics of the game is handled out by a dedicated GPU. The graphics are written using the Pi3D library while the game logic is in python. The display comprises of a beam splitter (along with LCD) which is a special glass having both Trans missive and a reflective surface which is the reason you are able to see the image behind the glass. The project might require some mechanical skills to fit the… Continue reading

Asteroids Rediscovered

Well, I am very sure that all of you must have played the very popular game by Atari which was named as Asteroids. If you haven’t played one in an arcade you owe it to yourself to do it, because they look like nothing else. The phosphor artefacts are trippy and beautiful. The only problem with these was they used to get driven like a analog oscilloscope which deflects the electron gun to a certain spot on the screen at a very fast rate so that the output seems continuous. They used a Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGA on a Nexys2 dev board which was programmed to be the vector generator, and a DAC/Amplifier board was designed to sling the beam around at 20 MHz and 12-bit resolution. First thing they did was get a cube to display on the scope. After tweaking around they managed to wrote a rasterizer and to display patron saint of Bed Stuy on the screen. Continue reading

Awesome belt with video game

AVR video game belt buckle

How to make coolest belt? Put a video game in to it. Seriously, belt buckle is the main part which makes you stand you among others. OK, enough talks about being superior and lets look at really awesome project – video game belt buckle. You can actually play Asteroid game on it. cunning_fellow built this belt video game using AVR microcontroller and 320×240 LCD. In order to make nice buckle case he used his Etchinator – a PCB etcher using spray technique. The result looks pretty good. If you look more deep in to building log, you will find an interesting way of saving clock cycles using diodes, resistors and caps. Driving large LCD and have live controllable game with AVR you need to find work around or choose more powerful MCU. Continue reading