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Getting started with ATTiny13

Not all microcontroller projects have to be large. In many cases you need to do very specific tasks where you only need couple I/Os and small routine. For such things you can find tiny microcontrollers that come with small footprint. A good example is ATTiny13 microcontroller that are cheap but effective in many tasks. ATTiny13 comes with 1KB of flash and 64B of RAM. If you are used to work with larger micros (eg. Arduino), in some cases it might be a bit challenging to write effective code. Xplo1t shares his experience on this small micro. He points out few benefits of choosing ATTiny microcontrollers over Arduino. First of all it’s price, then versatility and small size. With small size there comes energy efficiency. He has build a small demo board which comes with single LED along with current limiting resistor and reset button with resistor pull-up. In order to program microcontroller you will need ISP programmer. If you have spare Arduino it can serve this purpose. With such small memory amounts Xplo1t goes with assembler code. Atmel Studio comes… Continue reading

Internet0 Transceiver – Sending Data Over the Internet will Never be a Matter Anymore

Living in the 21st century world, you mostly get in touch with the IP related stuffs everyday life. That’s why you should create/develop an Internet0 transceiver, which it will ease your data sending tasks over the internet in a standardized progress, and without even considers about the electronics or cost at all. For today class project, you are going to create a very small yet simple internet0 transceiver device. With just a press of button, a sequence of clicks will be encoded or decoded, then encapsulated in an IP packet and will sent to a computer by serial port in a systematic sequence. Continue reading