Coffee + arduino + LEDs the new morning three in one

LED matrixes are used as scrolling lights to scroll news and advertisements, some are used to show iconic images like pacman and the likes. These have one thing in common – size they are relatively small. And now is the time upsize things, we don’t want an 8 x 8 array, nor a 16 x 16 we want a 64 x 32! Just enough to spice up the morning coffee. Using an old IKEA couch, an arduino and lots and lots of bicolor LEDs Tobi gave life to his lonesome coffee time. The displayed are inter connected (4 data lines shared), which makes their latching action in sync – the first LED array is distinguished from the other LED arrays using the sync and CS control pins. This one of the best ways to spice up morning coffee by combining geeky electronics with hard core logic multiplexing. Continue reading