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Snake game on STM32 F0 Discovery board and Nokia 3595 LCD

ARM microcontrollers are real fun to play with. Jumstuck showed interesting project where build well known snake game using ARM Cortex-M0 based board. The snake runs around on Nokia3595 LCD screen that is interfaced using hardware SPI. Controloing is done using small joystick soldered on separate PCB. all parts are made to fit on couple breadboards. He describes programming process briefly with key problems rised. As he says – ‘its everything about collision detection’. Fun project to try out if you have STM32 F0 Discovery board around. Continue reading

LCP2138 controlled inertial robot

This project represents a one-wheeled rolling robot that runs by using inertia moment. It has two actuators – driving and steering. Robot is also capable to perform reconnaissance and cooperative tasks. Mechanics is pretty simple – inertial driving force is created by attaching a mass to DC electric motor. Inertial allows not only drive but also jump over obstacles if necessary. Steering is provided by using servo motor which actually tilts axis of rotation. Robot is controlled by LPC2138 Arm microcontroller which is a part of Keil MCB2130 evaluation board. Microcontroller as usually generates PWM waveform to drive motors. Using an ARM microcontroller there are lots of room left for improvements like adding additional sensors like gyros, accelerometers or other intelligence. Continue reading

ARM based WebRadio

Probably many of you are listening to the Internet radio from local streams or other WebRadio streams. But mostly radio is played from PC by using like WinAmp or other media player. So why not to have a dedicated WebRadio box for this. [Andreas] has suggested his WebRadio project built of ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller and VS1053 audio codec IC. It supports following audio formats: MP3, AAC, WMA, Ogg and doesn’t need an external power source as it is powered over Ethernet (PoE). Project is really very neat and professionally looking. Also don’t forget to check out WebRadio based on AVR microcontroller. Continue reading

Blinking LED with LPC2103 under Linux

This is small blinking LED demo application for LPC2103 Olimex board. Project compilation was made under Linux by using GCC tools and debugged openOCD debugging software. Benedikt Sauter describes the process of building project with arm-elf-gcc and debugging with openOCD via JTAG interface. Follow these steps and you will make your first ARM7 project under Linux. Necessary project files can be downloaded here. Continue reading