Home built quadcopter uses ARM

I think everyone thinks of Quadcopter as a real fun to try. In fact they are fun to fly, but even more to make one. Florian shares his second upgraded version (se the previous here) of quadcopter which has more power from all points of view. First of all it comes with higher thrust brushless motors, next thing is larger battery. And probably biggest step up is microcontroller. If in previous there were Atmega32L, now it has ARM Cortex M4 (STM32F405RG). With bigger processing power there are more possibilities to do. The frame is 3D printed with all convenient clips and fixings. This looks really impressive comparing with its predecessor. Continue reading

Debugging STM32 discovery under Linux

ARM microcontrollers are well supported in GCC compiler. It allows developing high quality programs in most operating systems. Speaking of debugging situation may differ. Starters in ARM Cortex-M3 love using STM32 discovery boards to kick in ARM world. It is great board because it has everything including development board, stlink programmer/debugger. The only limitation is that manufacturer IDE is only for Windows. Board and processor is to good to leave it for windows guys only. So a Linux version of stlink was started in github. With these tools set up you can flash, debug Discovery boards connected via USB. Sources also include example code and documentation to get started. Continue reading