Solve interactive puzzles with GLiP

People love puzzles because they are good brain practice and fun of course. There are lots of puzzle types everyone can find their favorite. Anyway there is always a place for something new like this GLiP – a puzzle made of small blocks of distributed animation. These blocks acts as separate units and can display text, logos or animations. But probably more interesting thing happens when they are positioned side by side. Each block communicates via infrared interface. Each block has its own STM32F105 ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller – so enough power to do many amazing things. Continue reading

Smallest and cheapest 32bit 3D game console with sound

Wells as title says it is really impressive work that is based on one of the smallest ARM Cortex M0 LPC111x microcontroller that is priced around $1. With only few components like resistors, capacitors and crystal it is able to produce 256 color 320×240 composite or s-video signal and 8bit 15kHz stereo audio. Game can be controlled with one analog joystick. The most fun part is that graphics can be run in 3D along with sound. Source for the LPCXpresso/Eclipse project is posted on Enjoy! Continue reading

NXP ARM Cortex M0 based Wikipedia reader

This project appears to be very impressive and useful especially if you like to keep eye on Wikipedia. Actually this is an offline reader that renders offline xml dumps in to readable text. Device is built on NXP ARM Cortex microcontroller (LPC1114) that is capable of running at 72 MHz and has 32K flash along with 8K SRAM. Information is displayed on inexpensive touch screen LCD based on ILI9325. Wikipedia xml dumps are stored in microSD card. Schematics aren’t ready yet but author promises them soon after some polishing. Continue reading