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Nucleo-F401RE Arduino shape with Cortex-M4 power

STMicroelectronics Nucleo boards are another way of prototyping with ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. The idea was to get closer to Arduino interface, but still have ARM power and versatility. The shape of Nucleo board is somewhat close to Arduino Uno, just a bit wider so it could carry two types of connectors. Lets look at Nucleo-F401RE – one of four boards available now. First of all it features ARM Cortex-M4 STM32F401RET6 microcontroller which of course have FPU module and DSP instructions. There are 512KB of flash and 96KB of SRAM on chip and can be clocked up to 84MHz. Any Nucleo board have Arduino UNO compatible headers where most of Arduino shields can be plugged and used for fast prototyping. Other pins are brought out by using Morpho headers: Continue reading

The Power of A Beast

For those who have worked with Cortex M4 based platform, they surely know about the power of it. Its power can be guaranteed by the fact that it’s capable of running Linux and a variety of open-source OS on to it. This project features integrated lots and lots of communication peripherals with the processor. The chosen microcontroller is the Cortex M4 based ATSAM4E16C from Atmel, It also includes plenty of peripherals such as a Real Time Clock (RTC), a USB controller, an Ethernet MAC, As a reminder, the Cortex M4 allows Digital Signal Processing (DSP) based instructions so doing some maths (FFTs and stuff) on the platform should be a piece of cake. Although he could have used an embedded operating system, he still decided to skip the OS as he enjoyed low-level programming and I believe everyone should. With the controller, he has interfaced an audio amplifier, a SD card, an Ethernet for internet connectivity and even a Bluetooth as well as capacitive touch controller and stepper motor controller and this all was done in just 2 months of… Continue reading

STM32 F3 Discovery board is almost there

ST announced their new development board that brings some interesting features on it. Instead of boring becoming standard they included 9-axis MEMS including accelerometers, gyroscope and e-compass. This should be ideal board for balancer or quadcopter developers. STM32 F3 comes with ARM Cortex-M4 with DSP core and floating point unit. 10 LEDs where eight of them are circle oriented for better orientation visualization. Development board comes with STlinkV2 part that allows easy uploading and debugging programs. Additionally there is second USB port for custom usage. Initial price has been set to $10.90 but it seems that they aren’t available yet. Continue reading