STM32F100RB based sunrise alarm clock will wake you up rain or shine

Alarm clocks usually – ring a pair of bells, play jarring noise, imitate the cock a doodle do of a rooster what else? We have seen alarm clocks with radios, and Phones with alarm clocks but most of them [if not all] uses sound to wake you up – not really the most gentle way of waking someone up. What do we recommend? The sunrise clock – instead of breaking your morning with a bunch of rings that also scares away a good start for your day this clock illuminates the surroundings giving a feel of morning sunrise in the comfort of your own room [yeap rain or shine]. Its build is quite straight forward – time was kept using a real time clock implemented using a STM32F100RB Arm Cortex M3 processor and a ceramic oscillator. Time is displayed using a pair of 8×8 LED matrices. The lamp [the source of light] is controlled using a dimmer circuit composed of an opto-diac and a triac – the opto – diac isolates the microcontroller from the high voltage AC source needed… Continue reading