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The Unbeatable Atmel STK500 EVB

Talking about the Atmel STK500 EVB, how many of you here ever get in touch with it before? For those that involved with it before, then it’s great for you, while for those that didn’t know what’s all about, you should spare a few minutes and read this on… Believe it or not, the Atmel STK500 EVB is by far one of the unbeatable starter kit development system. It equipped with these following great features: Eight switches; Eight LEDs; A variable; Software programmable AREF voltage; Variable power supply. Basically, the Atmel STK500 EVB board is already included with DIP sockets for all AVRs. The best part about it is the STK 500 EVB equipped with an ATMega168, which is very awesome indeed! Today, you’re going to learn how to configure the Atmel STK500 EVB as an Arduino-based development system board. As you see that the STK500 is requiring to be wired and the jumper must set as shown in the below figure: By the way, you should be aware that in case the PC doesn’t have a serial port but… Continue reading