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Comparing Linux boards for hobbyists

Hobbyists love Linux powered development boards, because they give lots of flexibility, network connectivity and other benefits OS can give. Linux driven development boards are great, because they already have I/O pins to interface physical world and build project at different level. Market already have over dozen great Linux-based development boards and sometimes you may get stuck thinking which is best to start with. We all are familiar with Raspberry Pi, but don’t get excited, and think your needs first before purchase. Tony Dicola, recently have made a comparison of four common Linux-based development boards: Arduino Yun, Beaglebone Black, Intel Galileo and Raspberry pi. He listed most of their parameters in to table so you could clearly compare them side by side. Then he takes to next part – performance test. He runs nbench tool, which was developed to measure performance of Pentium class computers. It is obvious even from parameter list that Beaglebone black and Raspberry Pi takes leading positions. Also he measures power usage when idling and running benchmark Raspberry Pi model A leads by maxing at 150mA.… Continue reading

Home automation system uses REST API

Marco has been working on Home automation project and was looking for simple and robust web interface solution. His hardware setup uses Arduino UNO and CC3000 WiFi chip. So he thought that REST API should do the trick. He found simple REST API for Arduion Yun where simple REST commands can be sent from browser. So he created his own project that implement REST API for CC3000 chip. Arduino sketch takes care of connecting WiFi chip to network, then creates web server on Arduino board and listens to incoming connections. He provides a simple example where user can control relay and LED by using REST call. Project code is available on GitHub. Continue reading

Office automation based on Arduino Yún

Arduin Yún is a powerful device combined of regular Arduino (Atmega32u4) and Atheros AR9331 microprocessor running Open WRT based on Linux distribution. This gives Simplicity from Arduino side and flexibility from Linux. It features several powerful peripherals like WiFi, Ethernet, USB Host, MicroSD. This makes ideal solution for internet of things. David wanted to automate his office where system could control lights, heating and would read couple of sensors. He used Node.js for implementing network server. He had to do several workarounds as Arduino Yún is quite limited on RAM, but several trick did the job. This applies to installing Firmata package which takes care of inputs and outputs of Atmega32u4. Refer to GitHub for more details. Continue reading

Uploading Arduino Yun sketches over Internet

Arduino Yun already has a way of uploading sketches over network directly from IDE. It has an auto discovery mechanism allowing to detect board on local network. But if you want to upload sketches from anywhere in Internet then you need to go a bit different way. Lucadentella prepared Youn sketch uploader which allows to flash Arduino Yun from webpage which can be accessef from anywhere internet if needed. This might be a handy feature when your devices are remotely deployed and when you need to upgrade software, all you have to do is to send new .hex through password protected web page. Project files are available on Github repository. Continue reading