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DIY The Arduino with 8×8 LED Matrix Today!

You have seen the Arduino with 8×8 LED matrixes at some of the electronic expos, but you’re always wondered if only the project will involve a big and tough programming code? Well, if you have the urge to DIY an Arduino with 8×8 LED matrix, then there is nothing to stop you by. This Arduino with 8×8 LED matrix is driven by a MAX7219 IC, where you can easily find it out at the local electronic shop! It’s controlled through an Arduino microcontroller board. Beside that, you should prepare a custom PCB and make sure it can be used to tidy up all the wires connecting the LED matrix and the IC. Since it is comes with a separate 12V power supply, this mean you don’t even need to drain everything from the Arduino board all by you! In this project, you have to make sure that you’re and identify the four important wires, which are necessary to control the MAX7219 IC. Those wires are: The Data wire; The Clock wire; The Latch/Load wire; The Ground wire. Both of the… Continue reading