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How to Develop Arduino Webcam Servo Easily

Could you still remember, what is your first electronic project that you’ve built? Oh, if you never been involved in the microcontroller project, then you should give yourself a chance, as we’re going to develop an Arduino webcam servo. Honestly, it’s not a very complicated project, so you don’t have to panic on it. Before you’re getting started with the project, there are several components that you have to prepare first. Those materials are: An arduino Arduino Ethernet shield Linksys webcam Latronix Xport Direct Two servos The mechanical bits (You might want to consider the machined aluminium) Ok, it’s time to link it up with the Linksys webcam. For your information, the Linksys webcam has its own internal webserver. In this case, it can be accessed remotely by simply enabling port forwarding on your router. In order to access this remotely, you should make use of your computer’s ip address (Note: Don’t screw with your local network, as it has nothing to do with it!) followed by a colon. Please pay attention that the Linksys happens to use 1024 as… Continue reading