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Arduino controlled toiled saves gallons of water per day

Lots of water is wasted in toilets around the world. Standard toilets flush about 6500ml of water mo matter if you are doing light or serious business. Some toilet flushers have dual button where one allows partial flushing, but it is not used in most cases -especially by kids. So TV Miller decided to automate water saving process here. He adopted Arduino system which fills only half of tank with water. This is more than enough to flush human urine. This is most often used option. If someone wants to do serious business, there is a button that once pressed fills tank full while you’re here. Toilet has several improvements including electronic flush release mechanism based on servo. If this is not enough there is a bluetooth channel which allows flushing toilet with your smart phone. But probably most welcome feature of it is that it helps saving water – about 2 gallons per day. What if 1825 people would install this setup – they would save 1000000 gallons per year. Continue reading

Water valve controller on a minty box

If you want to have nice green and dense lawn it isn’t enough to move it, but you also need to water it at regular basis especially on hot summer days. You can do this manually, or leave it to a water valve controller, that can be programmed to do this task for you. It is an Arduino based water valve controller that is capable to control valve solenoid and even accept remote RF commands. Watering valve needs +/- 24V, so there is an additional Dc/DC step-up converter used which rises voltage from Li-Poly 3.6V to acceptable voltage for opening solenoid. All that fun is placed inside a minty box which is very popular casing among hobbyists. As result you get a small useful device that may release you from some boring tasks, like opening and water valve each time you need to water lawn. Continue reading