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Open source OLED watch project

DIY watches are quite popular projects. This probably is partially inspired by appearance of smart watches on market. Anyway by making one by yourself you can have all the freedom you want. You can add as many features as you want, and make it look the way you want. Walltech has been experimenting with Arduino based watch where he evolved in to pretty good watch with OLED display. The watch is based on femtoduino – really small Arduino board. As in all normal watch projects time count is kept on separate RTC chip – DS1307 with backup coin battery. Watch is powered from Lithium Ion battery along with MCP73831 charge controller. Battery ban be charged with on-board USB. 300mAh battery gives 24 hours of watch life. Sleep algorithms makes it run longer. There are several time display modes including analog like, digital, sentence and even bar graphs. There is also an asteroids game to have a little time for yourself when bored. Overall this is great project which it seems is still evolving. Continue reading

WatchDuino – Arduino powered watch

Wearing watch isn’t popular today when we always have cell phone nearby. Unless watch is also smart device which can be programmed and customized. Coconauts built arduino based watch which features Nokia5110 LCD screen, 6 push buttons and LiPo battery. Arduino here is only Atmega328 on custom board that can be fitted along other components. First of all WatchDuino tells time and date in both – analog and digital formats. Other features include: Alarm; Countdown; Pong, Snake games; Also open framework gives ability to customize it with more custom programs and games. With further design polishing it could be really great wearable gadget. Continue reading

Building Arduino based smart watch

Smart watches are getting popular today. They give some comfort to wive your digital life status without pulling out smart phone. All you need is to look at your watch. Is this a watch renaissance? Because watches were lost somewhere during cell phone evolution. Anyway this is a thing of discussion. Lets look at this cool smart watch project called “RetrowWatch”. I wouldn’t call this retro, because it is quite modern and slim. The watch is based on Arduino mini pro, which is small size and has all necessary I/O and processing capability. As all smart watches it has to have connectivity with Android or other devices. So there is a Bluetooth module used. Since low power is a key factor here – an OLED display seemed a nice choice. Watch is powered with single cell LiPo battery. Arduino here takes are of all nice things displayed on OLED display and listens to UART port which is connected to Bluetooth module. Information is updated from Android device which has a special app running. It allows sending various notifications including RSS… Continue reading

Arduino based Bluetooth watch

Electronics hobbyists probably would love to have watch that could do lots of things regular wristwatch couldn’t handle. Probably the only way to solve this problem is to make such watch by yourself. Ahmet thought so and started open source Bluetooth watch project. It is based on Arduino Mini Pro. He’s chosen Bluesmirf GOLD for bluetooth communications and of course large LCD from Nokia 6610. Watch looks quite big on a wrist and still lacks of enclosure, but probably most important thing – what magic can it do. Currently it is able to talk to Nokia N900 and display missed calls, emails. Of course there is a nice graphical clock on top of this. Seems that project is still under heavy development. Ahmed is working on medial player support so he could remotely control music played. Continue reading