Voice based Ultrasonic Sensor

Everyone must have seen those creepy parking sensor that are attached to a car back and gets activated when the driver puts the reverse gear. The sensors sends out the ultrasonic waves and detect the distance and notifies the driver when the distance is too less. It’s a similar project built by using an Arduino and a HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor which are popular sensor to detect proximity. Apart from it uses an audio shield which has pre stored audio messages that has spoken value between 10-100 cm with a resolution of 5cm The audio signals or the voice signals are stored on an onboard SD-card which is integrated in the Audio shield and also has support for Audio output. It’s typically designed to use with as a parking distance. Overall an excellent project which utilizes the audio shield to full extent but integrating it real time can be little tricky and will depend heavily on type of vehicles. However this type of project can be used in AGV’s with a little modification. Continue reading

Arduino voice shield

arduino voice shield

There are two ways of giving voice to your microcontroller design: one is to use speech synthesizer and another play recorded sounds. Synthesized voice is far from natural and so may seem to cold in many applications. It is algorithm based method and so doesn’t require lots of storage memory to get long speeches. Recorded voice is still better choice when you need natural sound. Problem is that you need to record first in order to play back. Boris Landoni designed great Arduino voice shield which uses ISD1790PY chip. Chip is quite robust and actually can be used as standalone solution or interfaced to microcontroller using SPI interface. Chip can store up to 120s of recorded sound. It already has a microphone where you can record messages directly in to chip. Chip also have built in audio amplifier so only speaker is needed to be connected using audio jack. There is also a special software where messages can be uploaded from computer and organized. With this Arduino voice shield you can build lots of fun things starting with various home… Continue reading