TV-GO-Sleep – timer that turns off any TV

Most of you have wished that you had a remote control that could be set to turn off your hotel TV after a pre-determined amount of time. The TV-GO-sleep timer exactly does that. The timer is built around an Arduino microcontroller, and hence can also be used to make your own modifications at any time. A simple push button is used to set the timer, which is displayed on a single seven-segment display. When the timer expires, the Arduino uses infrared LED’s  to transmit all the ‘off codes’ it knows, and the TV shuts down. The project is easy to make and all the required parts are easily available online or any local hobby shop.  The project just requires an Arduino, some resistors, a circuit board and 3- infrared led’s along with a box which is used for mounting the remote. Initially the timer will display 9 which is equal to timer of approximately 90 minutes. On every push button interrupt, the timer decreased by approximately 10 minutes. Continue reading

Arduino Pong – evening project with your kids

Arduino Pong

Playing Pong game can be fun for whole family. You don’t need high graphics and even sound. It practically takes no time to build it and start enjoying. James Bruce simply put it together by using Arduino, couple potentiometers for control and couple resistors for generating video signal. Most of code has been reused including TV out library that takes care of combining video signal. The game code has bee taken from Lamonica. It just has been updated with latest TV Out library and modified to support two players. The code also has an audio output which hasn’t been tested. Build it and have fun. Continue reading

Arduino video game console in candy can

John-Graham-Cuming has been working on Arduino based video game. His final design fits nicely in to candy can which serve as reliable and freely accessible enclosure. It has everything what needs a rel TV game – paddle control, fire button, video output and audio output. The game wouldn’t be fun if there weren’t second controller for one more player. So extension controller, which serves as simple joystick, can be attached to same looking main controller can that also works as joystick. The PAL video signal is generated by using a TVout library. With minor code changes there can also be NTSC variant. The Arduino code already is already set up for well known Pong game. So beware – it’s addictive. Continue reading