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Interfacing Arduino to color TFT LCD

Want to learn interfacing graphical TFT LCDs to Arduino projects? Then check out this great tutorial. As you know TFT displays are common in cell phones. In this tutorial there is a 4D Systems 1.44″ TFT display used which is featured with graphical processor, microSD interface and can be controlled via serial interface. By following this tutorial you will learn how to interface this LCD to Arduino board and send simple serial commands to start displaying things on it. Continue reading

Learning Arduino is never too late

Arduino is well known and well recommended open source microcontroller platform in the world. If you are starting with this you will definitely need to go through basics to start working with it. Finding good tutorial is essential to make successful projects as fast as possible. Tronixstuff has prepared a nice Arduino tutorial which will lead you from basics of it to more advanced techniques that helps to make great designs. What differs this tutorial from others? Probably illustrations – lots of them. Every action is followed by illustration or video material where you can check visually your actions. Sometimes reading only can get you confused especially if you are new to these things. There are only thirteen chapters so far and seems that they are actively updated. Continue reading