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Arduino based car fuel injector testing rig

One of frequent car failures lead to faulty fuel injector. For some models they are expensive – especially electronic ones. If you like fixing things including your car, then this project might be interesting to you. Jeremy have built pretty interesting fuel injector tester based on Arduino. He actually used compressed air t set up conditions close to requested, then used small fuel tank for running tests. Arduino controls the duty cycle of signal running the injector and calculates the output with help of load cell. Program files, materials lists and datasheets are available on Dropbox. Continue reading

Weird way of testing multiple things with Arduino

If you are nerdy enough, then such devices would look great in your collection. Ctopconsult have build so called Arduino monitor/tester. It has a monster load of LED indicators and other things that enables to test and control multiple things from a single board. There is a long list of supported sensors and devices. Each input and output has a LED indicator. It is Arduino compatible as a shield and can be powered from either 5V or 3.3V. As separate attachable module there also comes LEMO I/O, shake sensor, TMP36, microphone, piezo speaker. Built in options include button, toggle switch, two pots, seven segment display, small coil voltmeter, piezo speaker, 4 digital outputs to open-drain MOSFETs, couple opto-isolated I/Os, couple I/Os through LEMO coax-connector, reed relay, mercury shake to digital input, LDR, NTC, etc. Once front panel is one, everything seems pretty well organized and obvious with its text labels and numbers. Continue reading