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Interfacing HDC1000 temperature/humidity sensor to Arduino

HDC1000 is small (8BGA) digital temperature/humidity sensor from TI which can be interfaced through I2C. Despite its small size, few newt features makes it really attractive. For instance sensor on package is located on the bottom so it’s not exposed to dust. Also there is a dedicated DRDYn pin which signals when new reading on chip is ready. This way you can build pretty effective applications where sensor itself can trigger MCU interrupt which could also wake it from sleep only when needed. Obviously for hobby projects 8BGA package may be little too small to work with. So for prototyping some sort of breakout board is needed. Francesco have built breadboard compatible breakout board which have necessary pins, I2C address selection and pull-up resistors ready to use it as compact building brick. Sensor can be used with almost any microcontroller powered from 3,3V (sensor is also 5V tolerant). It can be successfully used with Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Arduino in this case is more attractive choice because there is a Library for it where with few lines of code you… Continue reading

Cheap Arduino brew monitor

Martin and his friends started brewing beer at home. They started with simple and manual temperature monitoring which appeared to be inconvenient. First of all you need to be in place to check fermentation temperature. So they started looking for simple system that would read temperature and plot data on the web. They found out that most of them are over budget or require significant effort in configuring. So they started their own Brewmonitor. They took cheap Arduino clone and connected DS18B20 temperature sensor. Then they used ESP8266 Wi-Fi module for internet access. By using POST method they were able to post temperature values to web-server with PHP and MySQL. AngularJS front-end graphs data and refreshed it every time page is loaded. From this point system can be further upgraded by adding freezer/heater to sustain required temperature. But again, additional features may rise overall cost. Keep an eye on project at Git. Continue reading

Monitoring beehive with Arduino

Bees are best and probably only source of honey. If you have beehive at home, you know that it need taking care and monitoring of conditions. If you miss something your bees may swarm and migrate. So it is important to keep an eye on hive temperature and humidity. Marc has been working on beehive monitoring system that allows reading its temperature and humidity. He’s chosen DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor which is easy to interface to Arduino. His intent is to expand project to do more than monitoring temperature. He wanted it to send SMS when hive parameters goes beyond threshold. Other planed features include measuring the weight of hive to determine the amount of honey; additionally there shall be entrance activity and buzz monitoring. Also movement detection near hive to prevent vandalism. But since summer is almost over, most of plans are left for winter to accomplish. To see whats already done you can head to github resources. Continue reading

Arduino driven humidor with web logging

Humidor is a device that tries to keep humidity and temperature at desired level. Normally they are stand alone devices that can be refilled with water to keep humidity at level. Dzzie decided to add DHT22 humidity and temperature sensor to it and along with Arduino log this data to webserver. He wrote a PHP script that records humidity and temperature data to database every 20 minutes. There is also a trigger mechanism which sends an email alert once one of parameters gets out of safe range. Humidor sensor is run with Arduino with LCD shield. It has a feature to record time when water is refilled. If you use humidor in sensitive area – then accessing data online might help a lot. Continue reading

Simple Arduino based temperature tweets

Twitter is great and popular system for short messages. In your workplace it is likely that all coworkers will have Twitter account and all your messages will definitely reach then. This thought brings us to very practical use of twitter – temperature updates. Using Arduino, Ethernet shield and DH11 digital temperature and humidity sensor this can be done in no time. Steve decided to do just that. He set up Arduino temperature station which would tweet temperature and humidity values of office every 15 minutes. I know, this will become annoying in long time, but some fun is guaranteed. Sometimes it may be useful, for instance in the morning you can check temperature and decide your clothing. With freely provided code example you can find other uses of tweeting hardware messages. Continue reading

Get your beer cold with this fridge controller

So your fully stuffed with beer fridge thermostat broke and you have a nerdy look why not to fully computerize the process by your own. Arduino fits right well for this as you can easily control a compressor, log the temperature and even see what’s going on via web interface by using Arduino Ethernet Shield. So why waste a spare Arduino with Ethernet only for fridge controller? So Author plans on putting a bunch of additional temperature sensors around the house and monitor them conveniently in web interface. Possibilities are almost endless and all started with a broken fridge. Thumbs up guys! Continue reading