LED Based Spectrum Analyzer

This review is about a Spectrum Analyzer that is built using combination of RGB LED’s. The specialty about the project is the RGB LED’s are arranged in a form of Led Cube that makes the project a lot beautiful however a little complicated to code.  To get the spectrum of the signal a MSGEQ7 ICs was used which is easily available online. The controller used in this project is an Ardunio based controller which serves two main function One of the first function of Arduino is to capture the levels from the MSGEQ7 and put the values for each frequency band into an array, and the second function is to turn on LEDs that represent the level for each band. Although the project is little noisy, maybe due to the spectrum analyser IC’ but it’s really nice and impressive. The project is really well documented and those who want to try it out all the schematics as we all as all sorts of codes related to the project are available on the website. Continue reading

Arduino audio spectrum analyzer

Audio spectrum analyzer may be a great addition to your music gear. Paul Bishop have build an Arduino based audio spectrum analyzer with NTSC TV out. It enables to see audio spectrum directly on TV screen or… on any screen that accepts this TV standard. He used broken DVD player which also provided a battery power to arduino itself. video interface is done with only two resistor network DAC which gives a monochrome video signal. Spectrum is displayed in 128×96 resolution. We all know that measuring spectrum relies on Fourier transformation which is quite resource consuming task. Atmega328 has only 2kB of RAM this may be tough task. By using and FFT library on arduino forum he managed to generate 64 band real time video spectrum analyzer. Audio signal is fed from microphone signal amplified with transistor amplifier. Continue reading