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Robot platform controlled by Arduino

Thinking about building a robot? Why not to use Arduino for this as it has all you need – a great prototyping board, developing platform and lots of shield boards that makes various interfacing really easy. This robot uses a bunch of sensors built on proto shield that allows navigating around. These include IR sensors, ultrasonic range finder mounted on rotation servo. The robot is really fun to build and even more fun to program and see how it acts in certain situations. Continue reading

DIY Your Own Wall Avoiding Robot in Hours!

Ok, robot isn’t a new thing, especially in this 21st century, where everything is related with technical and robotics. Honestly, it isn’t too hard to develop our own robot. Believe it or not, you can build a wall avoiding robot in several hours! Hold on a second. You must know the main goal of the project, before you involving yourself into it. For your information, this wall avoiding robot is special and different than others. It’s not only able to avoid walls and obstacles, but it helps you to transfer some little parts from one location to another location inside your home. Frankly, there are many parts that needed for developing this wall avoiding robot. The robot is based on a Microcontroller by Atmel called the Atmega168. The reason why Atmega168 is being used, as it’s not only fast and cheap, but also very easy to be implemented with other components. In order to save more time, it’s better to use the USB Arduino, as it supports USB and has the built-in boot-loader. Plus, it has free programming software that… Continue reading

TB-007 Metal Detector – The Mighty Treasure Detector!

You’re having a relaxing vacation with your family at the beach and having a nice sunbathe. Suddenly, a strange robot is approaching you. You’re curious and think, “Hmm…, it’s impossible to see a robot in the beach, unless there’s something important mission or secret is going on here!” So, you quickly bounce up from the beach and follows the robot… Isn’t the above incident sounds like a little bit adventurous for you? Well, guess what! You can make the above fictional story becomes reality, by simply getting yourself into this amazing project, “TB-007 Metal Detector”! The TB-007 is a smart robot that equipped with a metal detector. You can use it to locate those hidden treasures on the beach, forests or deserts. There’s a wireless camera attached at the front top of the TB-007, which is allowing the user to monitor the bots treasure-hunting progress from the comfort of his deck. Furthermore, the camera is mounted to a servo, and has a Laser pointer attached at the front of the robot for detecting purpose! By the way, TB-007 is an… Continue reading

It is Time to Have Some Fun with Arduino Robot!

Before the 21st century, it’s quite difficult to develop a personal robot, as it might cost us over hundreds (Maybe thousands) of dollars, just to build a simple robot prototype! However, thanks to the advent technology, we’re now can easily create any type of robots, with the help of Arduino. Honestly, it’s a piece of cake to develop your very own Arduino Robot. Guys, are you ready to build up an Easy Arduino Robot? If you did, let’s start the journey… Actually, this is a great little Arduino robot, which is based on an Arduino. Believe it or not, it can be done in a short period. For this project, you’ll need to use a Modern Device RBBB, as the brain of the robot. Don’t worry, as the RBBB kits are user-friendly, even for the amateurs who are new in soldering! Technically, the Arduino robot is powered with four AA batteries. The total cost of the project is very cheap. You have to apply the Sharp IR sensor as the eyes for the Arduino robot! This is how the Arduino… Continue reading