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Driving three servos with potentiometers on Arduino

This is really simple setup where you can drive three servo motors by turning potentiometers. It really takes few lines of code and minimal circuit setup, but if you look more deeply at this solution you can find many uses of it. Simply you can build a remotely controlled rig which could do some fancy stuff. This can be a small robot arm which can be further extended by adding magnetic actuator and so on. If you need more degrees of freedom, keep adding more pots and servos. Continue reading

Try Arduino robot via Web interface

Yes it’s real. You can open a web page and start controlling this amazing robot hand. In the web page control panel you can move objects with robot arm or simply change light colors within RGB scale. You can Robot actions through web cam. Orbduino robot is callable and probably will be enhanced in future. Project is constantly updating by adding various new features and fixes. Core of robot is based on Arduino Duemilanove board equipped with Ethernet shield. Also there is a temperature sensor that allows reading room temperature. Locally robot is equipped with LCD, which displays messages of robot action. So hurry up to try this one, who knows how long it will be live. Continue reading