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Securing lock with Arduino based RFID

RFID based security or entrance systems are pretty common in many areas. Basically it is not considered very secure way of locking very important objects, but for low level security or staff registering it is ideal solution. JOJO have shared his simple build of RFID based door lock controlled by Arduino. He used common RFID reader module which is accessed from Arduino via serial interface. Only single signal wire is needed as this is one way comm. Program is straight forward – tag IDs are stored in code as array, so if you need to add new or change tag, you need to reflash Arduino. Since this project is more tutorial than real life project it doesn’t activate anything, just keeps count of reads. It can be easily extended for your own needs by adding few lines of code. Continue reading

Arduino based door lock system

Shawn recently built an RFID electronic door lock that accepts 100 RFID ID cards. Since in his office already was electronic door lock accessed with button code, he thought RFID would be a great addition, so you don’t have to remember the code and also this saves time while entering. He used parallax RFID readers that can be communicated via serial interface. Control boards are custom built Arduino where Atmega328 gets data from RFID readers and drives relay through transistor. Everything is fairly simple, the only thing that took real effort, to wire the system as office building is quite big and messing with wires is not acceptable. Anyway he’s done the work pretty well, system works. With a bit code cleanup it can be used to accept even more than 100 cards. Continue reading

Lock Your Door Automatically

Everyone at some part of their life wanted that no one should enter their room or garage in their absence. This project will guide you how to this using a controller, a RFID reader and a little bit of control mechanisms. The components used were basic Arduino 168 chip, along with a RFID reader and the electric door lock. Initially you might have to install the ready-made electric door lock and test with a battery of suitable power to ensure that the door lock in installed correctly or not. Generally while installing, one would want that no current flows through the electronic door lock when the door is in locked state. The reader is placed on the outside of the door and is separated from the controller on the inside so that no one can interfere with the security by breaking Reader and trying to short circuit the reader. The controller receives serial data from the Reader and controls the RGB led and the Door lock. Continue reading

RFID shield for Arduino

Open Electronics have introduced (originally by Andrea Fainozzi) an RFID shield which can be used for fun or for serious applications. It is based on ID-12 Innovations recognizer of passive transponders. RFID shield also contains buzzer to activate sound alerts and relay which may be used to activate door locks or other power devices. No matter how good hardware it is useless without proper software that does all the tricks. They provide couple great Arduino examples where simple control using relay is implemented. Another example pushes the limits towards network. For this you will need a network shield where you will be able to log tag reads in to Google spreadsheet. Continue reading