RF remote controller for computer

If you use computer as media player a lot, then you probably thought of remote control so you could change songs, tune volume without being there. There are many projects that user IR communication, but IR isn’t always a solution – especially when computer is out of sight. Antoine wanted a simple remote that would work on Linux so he started his own keyMote project. He’s chosen Arduino platform as it is rich in supported libraries. So he picked up a V-USB library to implement USB protocol to connect to PC. Then for wireless channel he selected cheap RF transmitter and receiver pair and programmed interface using VirtualWire library. He made receiver on a nice custom stand. Another part is transmitter, which is packed in a hobby box with keypad interface. Transmitter features a LiPo battery where MAX1555 takes care of charging through USB interface. Continue reading

TV Remote Controlled Clock

This project is about controlling a clock, using a TV remote and not using push-buttons to reset, or stop the timer. To get the time and date information, I am using DS1307 I2C Real Time Clock from Maxim Integrated. The clock and calendar provides seconds, minutes, hours, day, date, year and month information. The main clock is displayed on sets of seven segments multiplexed together, however for navigation purposes, a character based LCD was also attached so as to make navigation easier. The multiplexing of seven segments is done by using two sets of shift register which seems to be a good solution when you are short on pins.  The IR receiver used is TSOP 4838 IR Receiver which is used to receive from remote control of consumer electronics such as TV and demodulate them to get the signals. A set of libraries available were used to decode the demodulated information, since different TV remotes work on different protocol. Apart from it it also has a temperature sensor. A really good project on application of multiplexing that can be done… Continue reading

Custom Wireless RC Remote Control

This project is something which I have made it myself but a very basic version. This is so-advanced.  Everyone have seen or even played with the XBOX controller or a PS3 controller. This is something similar but has wireless capability and is mainly used to control Robots and Quadcopters and with a little tweaks, you might be able to use it on your PC too. The project has been called this project “Omote” – Oscar’s Remote controller. There might be quite a lot of existing commercial controllers like RC transmitters, but they tend to be very expensive and probably not optimized to this project. For the Wireless communication Modules, a  Ciesco XRF has been used because they are so much cheaper than the XBee. For the controller, they picked up an Arduino Mega. The Mega provided more enough Analogue and Digital pins, which the UNO failed to provide. Software for this project consists two parts, one for the remote controller (which I call “Host” later on), and the other for the robot (“Client”). There will also be a LCD menu… Continue reading

DIY remote control for your models

Every modeler knows that good remote control cost a decent amount of money. Cheap ones may not have enough channels or other features. So the only way is to build your own that would suit your needs. Jad Berro has developed a pretty simple but effective 17 channel remote controller that is more than enough to control simple robotic platforms and seems to be suitable for RC airplane control. It consists of self made Arduino board, two Playstation joysticks and several buttons. Commands are encoded and sent via 434MHz wireless transmitter module. Remote controller has also a LCD screen where some user information can be seen. As this remote controller is Arduino based, it makes it attractive to expand it with custom programming. Continue reading