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Quarter size stackable Arduino

tiny stackable Arduino

Tiny circuits have introduces really small Arduino board. It’s even smaller than a quarter coin. On a circle shaped PCB there is Atmega328P microcontroller in MLF package. On the edge you can find reset switch, status Led and battery connector. Due to size constraints USB connectivity and ISP is implemented in external tiny shield. These shields can be stacked one on another using special miniature connector. Modular structure allows to achieve small sized applications that may fit in to small robots, rocket models or in any tight space. There are already several shields available – USB & ISP, 16 LED and bunch pr prototyping shields. They also come in 20mm square shape. Be sure to check out TinyLily as well. Continue reading

Measuring road bumps with Arduino GPS logger

Probably it is hard to find a road with very smooth surface. It wears out during time and then your drive becomes bumpy. Curious how bumpy it is? Then check out following project that measures this and even overlays on a map. To achieve this, techbitar used several building blocks including: Arduino, GPS module, SD card and XYZ accelerometer. In order to measure bumps – only Z axis is needed. Arduino reads accelerometer data and packs it in to SD card along with GPS location and time stamps. In order to overlay data on map, he used GPSvisualizer.com that makes this easy task. This device may be used for fun but also for scanning road conditions or terrain mapping. Continue reading

Wireless audio transmitting using nRF24L01P

We used to connect audio source to speakers with cables. But when we want to move around, the radius become short and things get messy. One way to avoid this problem is to use RF channel. As Texane proves – the nRF24L01P can do the job pretty well. And so in his project he attached the Nordic nRF24L01P board to Arduino and started to play around. The RF chip is packed with many features like error checking, package resend on failure and other means that ensure safe data transfer. But these also slows data rate. So Texane decided to turn all them off and stick to one way transmitting only. This way he was able to reach 90KB/s rate. Continue reading

Waiting for Christmas with Arduino Uno powered tree

Jason with his dad have been working on a Christmas tree project. It’s an Arduino Uno powered tree with no actual tree. They’ve put 16 light strands around flag pole to mimic tree. The whole fun lies in control circuit. It is based on Arduino UNO that drives 16 mechanical relays. They even added a LED to indicate each relay activity. So far they programmed 14 different sequences – should be no problem to add more. Continue reading

Remote controlled lights adds luxury in home theatre


Andrewdf set up his home theatre and found it annoying when he had to get off his couch and turn lights off. So he didn’t want to leave his comfort zone any more and build a remote controlled lights. He found out that TV remote has few unused buttons that can be used for other purposes. Abdrewdf build a custom Arduino board with torn out USB wall wart power block that feeds microcontroller. He used a solid state relay which is way better option that gives no noise on switching. Everything is pretty basic stuff – IR commands are processed using Adafruit IR code snippet. The switch is mounted so it would retain existing mechanical switch as well. Continue reading

Lucky Cat waves on webcounter update

If you are webmaster then you like when people visit your website. So probably every site has a web counter code where site activity can be tracked. If you feel that this isn’t enough then physical counter may give additional satisfaction. Janwil built a website counter inside Lucky Cat. This is actually an Arduino based project that connects to internet using Ethernet shield. Counter has several fun indicators you won’t miss. RGB LED, two small yellow LEDs, seven segment display that tracks unique visits and servo motor attached to cats hand. So each time a visitor hits the site, cat waves its hand and blinks LEDs. Servo motor makes noise, so janwil added light sensor to keep cat silent at night. Continue reading