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How to Develop Arduino Webcam Servo Easily

Could you still remember, what is your first electronic project that you’ve built? Oh, if you never been involved in the microcontroller project, then you should give yourself a chance, as we’re going to develop an Arduino webcam servo. Honestly, it’s not a very complicated project, so you don’t have to panic on it. Before you’re getting started with the project, there are several components that you have to prepare first. Those materials are: An arduino Arduino Ethernet shield Linksys webcam Latronix Xport Direct Two servos The mechanical bits (You might want to consider the machined aluminium) Ok, it’s time to link it up with the Linksys webcam. For your information, the Linksys webcam has its own internal webserver. In this case, it can be accessed remotely by simply enabling port forwarding on your router. In order to access this remotely, you should make use of your computer’s ip address (Note: Don’t screw with your local network, as it has nothing to do with it!) followed by a colon. Please pay attention that the Linksys happens to use 1024 as… Continue reading

BBox Drum Generator – It’s Time for Fun!

When the weekend is arriving, it’s time to layback and have something else to do. For those who enjoy playing drum, you might want to try this BBox Drum Generator, as it can really bring a lot of fun. Unlike the other drum generator, the BBox Drum Generator is built on an Arduino-based Midi sequencer. The interesting part about the BBox Drum Generator is it mounted inside a banana box! Well, it sounds a little bit wacky, but it’s truly an incredible idea, which is going to leave a deep impression for those who use it. The BBox Drum Generator contains a few preset drumbeats, where all the drumbeats from the basic for a drum variation algorithm. The blue rotary knob is a very important component in the BBox Drum Generator, as it responsible to control all the introduced variations. By the way, you can create four pushbuttons for the BBox Drum Generator, by simply mounting LEDs on top of PCB mounted mini pushbuttons. For your information, the two top buttons are used to navigate through the functions of the… Continue reading

DIY Your Own Wall Avoiding Robot in Hours!

Ok, robot isn’t a new thing, especially in this 21st century, where everything is related with technical and robotics. Honestly, it isn’t too hard to develop our own robot. Believe it or not, you can build a wall avoiding robot in several hours! Hold on a second. You must know the main goal of the project, before you involving yourself into it. For your information, this wall avoiding robot is special and different than others. It’s not only able to avoid walls and obstacles, but it helps you to transfer some little parts from one location to another location inside your home. Frankly, there are many parts that needed for developing this wall avoiding robot. The robot is based on a Microcontroller by Atmel called the Atmega168. The reason why Atmega168 is being used, as it’s not only fast and cheap, but also very easy to be implemented with other components. In order to save more time, it’s better to use the USB Arduino, as it supports USB and has the built-in boot-loader. Plus, it has free programming software that… Continue reading

Cheap Thermoscanner Based on Arduino

Did you have some spare Arduino that being stored for a long time inside the storeroom? If you can spend few hours in the weekend, then you might be interested to build up a marvelous yet cheap Thermoscanner. The definition “Thermoscanner” is actually the short form of “Thermography scanner”. Oh, talking about thermography, would you like to know more about it? Technically, thermography or thermal imaging is a type of infrared imaging science. In most of the time, thermographic cameras detect radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum and produce images of the radiation. We called the outcome as “thermograms”. Infrared radiation is emitted by all objects based on their temperatures and makes it possible to see one’s environment with or without visible illumination, even at the darkest places during night! The Thermographic cameras are good on spotting the warm objects, including humans and other warm-blooded animals become easily visible against the environment, especially on night! By the way, this homemade Thermoscanner is extremely a piece of cake. Just mount a TPA81 thermopile array onto an XY servo… Continue reading

ArduInboxMeter – Your Fantastic Mailbox Buddy!

Have you ever suffered from the obsessive compulsive, where you’re always have the urge to check your mailbox every few seconds? Do you feeling uncomfortable, when you’re using a whole computer just to know how long your mailbox backlog is? Alright, let’s stop all the annoyance and make yourself a fantastic ArduInboxMeter! Some of you might be wondering, “Seriously, do you think that this ArduInboxMeter is going to solve up my hassles?” The truth is this ArduInboxMeter is a very powerful device, as it based on the Arduino Duemilanove board with an Ethernet shield. Furthermore, it also equipped with the following components, including: An old analog VU-meter, A few LEDs, 100-ohm resistors, and A prototyping PCB. Well, you assemble them all together and solder them with soldering alloy. Then, you might want to leave all parts exposed, or maybe just securing them with duct tape or toothpicks. It also a good idea, where you can take some Fimo Soft PVC, flatten, bake, pierce and cut it into the square box-shaped. Lastly, it’s time to add some software and plug the… Continue reading

TB-007 Metal Detector – The Mighty Treasure Detector!

You’re having a relaxing vacation with your family at the beach and having a nice sunbathe. Suddenly, a strange robot is approaching you. You’re curious and think, “Hmm…, it’s impossible to see a robot in the beach, unless there’s something important mission or secret is going on here!” So, you quickly bounce up from the beach and follows the robot… Isn’t the above incident sounds like a little bit adventurous for you? Well, guess what! You can make the above fictional story becomes reality, by simply getting yourself into this amazing project, “TB-007 Metal Detector”! The TB-007 is a smart robot that equipped with a metal detector. You can use it to locate those hidden treasures on the beach, forests or deserts. There’s a wireless camera attached at the front top of the TB-007, which is allowing the user to monitor the bots treasure-hunting progress from the comfort of his deck. Furthermore, the camera is mounted to a servo, and has a Laser pointer attached at the front of the robot for detecting purpose! By the way, TB-007 is an… Continue reading