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Programming Arduino over Bluetooth

It seems that wireless programming ability is getting more popular. The benefit is obvious – you get rid of wires and there is no need to bring board next to computer. This is handy when device is already deployed. So Joshua shared his bluetooth programming shield for Arduino. Technically speaking there is nothing fancy about it, because bluetooth connects to serial interface – so it simply acts as virtual wire. When this buletooth module is connected to computer it is seen as COM port. Bluetooth modules like HC-05 are very cheap, so it doesn’t add much cost to overall budget. Continue reading

Making Arduino even easier

You think that programing Arduino is easy enough even for newbie. Well it seems that somebody is trying to make it even easier. Minibloq guys are developing a graphical programming environment where developing Arduino projects can be done without writing a single line of code. So what makes Minibloq so attractive? Its really easy to use – you just build a program with blocks that generate code automatically. Its goal to be free and open source as it is based on GCC. Other features include modularity – ability to create own custom building blocks. Besides it isn’t locket to Arduino only. It also can be configured to support other hardware. It is still under hard development, but starters, programming classes already can find this useful and interesting. Continue reading