Arduino cell phone with 3D printed case

As you can find almost any Arduino shield, why not build something cool? xiaobo__ thought it would be cool to build fully functional mobile phone. Probably key component here is a GPRS shield which makes it possible to make calls and write SMS. 2.8” TFT touch shield is used for menus and user interaction. GPRS shield and LCD shield are stacked on top of Arduino UNO board. Phone is powered using LiPo battery and custom charger circuit. Phone is placed in custom 3D printed case. It doesn’t look supper awesome, but it holds all parts hidden and gives a feel that you holding a phone. Stacked shields take some quite some space, to the case is pretty thick. So far Arduino phone is capable of making calls, sending text messages, receive messages and answer phone. Also there is a real time clock that displays time on screen. Menu is very simple and intuitive. Continue reading