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Arduino based LCD Smartie uses OLED display

Probably you’ve heard about LCD Smartie – Software and display Hardware that allows adding secondary small display to indicate various statistics from PC like CPU load, Network activity, memory space etc. You can get download free software and event purchase hardware. But Rupert thought that official hardware lacks functionality and is a bit overpriced. So he started his own display project. First of all he took OLED display which looks much nicer comparing to standard liquid crystal displays. By using Arduino as interface he can increase baud rate, preprogram custom start-up screens and still have plenty of room for modifications. Continue reading

Steampunk Arduino watch

Watch on your wrist can tell much about your personality. So why not to make something extraordinary, like building Arduino based analog watch that looks really cool? It takes quit some components that can be purchased mainly on SparkFun: where main parts are Arduino Mini Pro 328 – 3.3V/8MHz; 4D Systems OLED Module 1.5″ (128×128 pixels); 1 3.7V 1000mAh Li-Polymer. Running clock only on Arduino would be a mistake, so it also can accept various extensions like Range finder or temperature sensor as well. So don’t afraid to be different with this steampunked watch. Continue reading