Simple Arduino experiments with nixie

Kevin is collecting parts for his nixie clock project. But before starting he played couple experiments on starting and controlling IN-12s and In-3s nixie indicators. In order to start IN-3s there is 90 volts needed. He had 170V step-up converter board, so he added 68k resistor in series to get to required level. Next step was to connect to Arduino. For this purpose he used MJE340 power transistors. After this successful experiment he will head straight to clock project. Continue reading

Arduino Nixie tube clock

Clocks with Nixie tubes always look great and old school. Building one isn’t that hard. Tom has been building one around Atmega328P with Arduino bootloader. His clock uses six IN12 nixie tubes along with 74141 driver chips. Data to digits are passed through three 74HC595 shift registers. Correct time is kept using DS3232 real time clock chip with battery backup. Clock is covered with acrylic sheet that makes it look good. Three push buttons allow easy setting of time. Continue reading

Sudoku solver out of 81 Nixie tube

Nixie projects look really cool and old fashioned. If you are tired of LCDs then take a look at this amazing work. It consists of 81 Nixie tube what makes 9×9 display matrix. Nixies are controlled by Arduino platform while cursor is navigated by two knobs. Number is entered via simple keypad. This Sudoku solver also has a recursive Sudoku solving algorithm which can solve Sudoku’s by itself. It’s really fun to look at action itself. Continue reading

Arduino based Nixie tube display

Electronics projects with Nixie tubes look fantastic. This is why more and more enthusiasts use them in various projects like clocks or other text or numeric information displays. Driving Nixies is a bit complicated due to its nature where pretty high voltages are needed. When anode voltage is done then controlling display becomes easy with digital level signals. Like in this project a minimal Arduino setup works just great. The only thing that is left is to put everything in nice case and hang it to some special place. Author the project intent to attach an atomic clock receiver, and use Nixie display as nice looking accurate clock. Continue reading