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Large Mega in Arduino

Arduino fans were stuck with pretty low memory in Aruino boards. Biggest MCU built in and supported was with 32kB of Flash. But we know that AVRs can do much more that this. It seems that things had changed. Finally you can have Arduino with Atmega1280 MCU where you get plenty of memory, plenty of IOs. Latest Arduino Mega from Arduino team has expanded the board with Atmega1280 to have 54 digital (with 14 PWM feature), 16 analog, 4 UARTs. Of course it kept earlier Arduino features – so it is still compatible with all earlier shields that worked with duemilanove. Imagine what now you can do with so many IOs and 128KB of flash, 8KB SRAM and 4 KB of EEPROM. All that wouldn’t be possible with new release of Arduino IDE software, where among bug fixes and new functions is a third-party hardware support added. So thanks to this probably we will see many new major Arduino releases. Let the Arduino Mega be the first breaking the front line. Continue reading