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MINI-LED cube clocked by Arduino

This ‘instructable’ is on making a LED CUBE but the thing which matters is the size of it. It’s just half an inch in size and is built by using SMD’s LED’s that we often see in company manufactured boards. It’s a 3x3x3 based LED board and is controlled by an Arduino. However to make a cube this small, you will require an extraordinary skill to solder the components. Even the resistors used are SMD ones and the overall cube is built on a perfboard. For a cube to be designed, the nodes for the 9 LEDs in each horizontal layer are tied together.  The cathodes for 3 LEDs in each column are tied together. The Arduino code can turn on any one LED by knowing which of the 3 layers and which of the 9 columns the LED is on.  Setting the corresponding layer HIGH and the column LOW turns on the LED.  A beautiful project to work upon but you will a lot of practice and obviously a magnifier to solder the components. I would recommend to start… Continue reading

8x8x8 LED cube project

Chris shared his latest LED cube project details. This is an 8x8x8 LED cube soldered using 512 single color LEDs. We’ve seen much bigger LED cubes even with RGB LEDs. But these are result of patience and hard work. If you are thinking about building one 8x8x8 is a good starting point. Such Led cube can be easily controlled using Arduino which is used here. Obviously in order to address individual LEDs there is additional electronics required. In this case Chris used one addrees selector 74HC138 and eight data buffers 74HC574. Also Arduino switches LED cathodes of each layer using transistors. This is enough to address individual LEDs. By switching single layers of cube pretty fast it gives illusion of normal display. Led cube is placed on box where all electronics is hidden and serves as solid stand. So this is nice weekend project. Continue reading

Amazing 16x16x16 RGB LED cube

There are lots of LED cubes around. But most of them use fewer LEDs like 8x8x8 or they are one color LED based. But 16x16x16 RGB LED cube is worth looking at. This means 4096 – total number of RGB LEDs. Make that triple and you get 12288 LEDs to control. Using such amount of LEDs require some design thoughts, power supply and of course a control circuitry. The cube is split in to 16 16×16 LED grids where every one is controlled by separate Arduino Mega2560. Each Arduino communicates with each other using RS485 serial protocol. Allsparkcube (this is how it’s called) hardware is done but software is still in development. There is ability to play with single pixels and different timing settings for simple animations. There is also an API allowing to connect to LED cube and few fun code pieces that allow to interact with it using game controller or video cameras. Unimaginable wire soldering job indeed. Continue reading