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Text based game on Arduino

Text based games are one simple way of having some fun. Form hardware perspective it is very simple implementation – you only need a text LCD, few buttons and MCU. Dan has been workingon one so called Hunt the Wumps. Its a retro game that originally were written in 1972 using BASIC. He used and RGB LCD shield and Arduino UNO. RGB LCD enabled to program different backgrounds depending on danger in a game play. Continue reading

Laser pointer controlled LED matrix game

This is a little cute game cube that is controlled only by simple laser pointer. The game itself is very simple – you have to shoot falling dots on LED matrix screen with laser pointer as long as you can to gain more points. During time dots fall faster and faster what makes it really challenging to beat previous records. Laser Command from Eiji Hayashi on Vimeo. But probably the most interesting part in its game is laser pointer detection technology. As sensing device it uses LED matrix itself. To do so there are two measurement techniques (reverse bias and direct measurement) used where one detects the row and second column at which LED laser is pointed. Game is controlled by Arduino mini board. Continue reading