LAN controlled RGB lamp

With RGB lamp you can get various interesting effects. This could be a simple mood lamp or other lighting setup. If you found a purpose of such lamp then it is time to think how to make it easy to control. Steve came up with his project. He took an RGB LED lamp from scanner and hocked to Arduino with Ethernet/SD shield. First of all he stored HTML file in to SD card. It carries page formating and Flexi Colour picker Javascript. Arduino reads selected RGB values by using GET method. All you need to do then is to pick your desired color from webpage and lamp follows it. Continue reading

Tweeting network uptime with Arduino

If your work depends on computer network, then it is good idea to keep an eye on health status. You cannot be there and check servers physically, but why not to do this task automatically and never miss a downtime, so you could then inspect what went wrong. Steve set up an Arduino with Ethernet shield which pings to network hosts and sees if they respond. Task becomes ease when Arduino Twitter library is used. Si it runs and check for server/router status every 5 minutes and sends a message to twitter. Probably you don’t want to send messages every 5 minutes that server is OK, this can be done couple times a day. More importantly is to get messages when server goes down. Anyway this is a great template if you would like to set up something similar on your site. Continue reading

Pet Water Surveillance Sytem

It’s a simple pet water system that senses the amount of water in the pet dish and automatically activate a pump to refill it from a reservoir when it gets low, or send a tweet when the reservoir runs out. It’s built around an Arduino and uses just two sensors. With the help of Arduino Ethernet shield, the user can add tweeting capabilities to it. If the pet bowl doesn’t fill up after a set time in the code, due to an empty reservoir or a sensor failure, it will automatically shut off and post an error tweet, so you can hurry home and top off your pet’s tank. For me it seems more fun than useful. There are plenty of self-filling bowls that work simply by water tension. However it can be used for watering your plants. You can fill up an upper container and then slowly let the water flow. Talking about the project, the water bowl is filled by a small aquarium pump that sits at the bottom of the reservoir. The reservoir can be any size… Continue reading

How to Develop Arduino Webcam Servo Easily

Could you still remember, what is your first electronic project that you’ve built? Oh, if you never been involved in the microcontroller project, then you should give yourself a chance, as we’re going to develop an Arduino webcam servo. Honestly, it’s not a very complicated project, so you don’t have to panic on it. Before you’re getting started with the project, there are several components that you have to prepare first. Those materials are: An arduino Arduino Ethernet shield Linksys webcam Latronix Xport Direct Two servos The mechanical bits (You might want to consider the machined aluminium) Ok, it’s time to link it up with the Linksys webcam. For your information, the Linksys webcam has its own internal webserver. In this case, it can be accessed remotely by simply enabling port forwarding on your router. In order to access this remotely, you should make use of your computer’s ip address (Note: Don’t screw with your local network, as it has nothing to do with it!) followed by a colon. Please pay attention that the Linksys happens to use 1024 as… Continue reading

Arduinoil – The Greatest Combination of an Arduino with Oil Gauge

People who living at countries that have seasonal changes know that it’s definitely a living hell torture, especially when your vehicle is down in the middle of nowhere in the snowstorm! At that moment, you really don’t want to open up the car’s door and walking to the outside in below zero Celsius degree to check up your fuel oil gauge. However, you have no choice, but still have to do it in the ultimately freezing environment. Ok, you’re discovered that your vehicle was running out of fuel. So, you rush to the nearest fuel station to buy a few gallon of fuel. Once you’re checking your wallet. Darn, it’s already empty…! Honestly, it’s one of the most annoying yet torturing scene, and some of us might have been encountered with this kind of situation before. Well, for preventing the awkward moment happen on you, then it’s better to well-prepared, by developing a smart Arduinoil device! The main purpose of Arduinoil is allowing you to read the information from your vehicle’s current oil gauge and feed it to a web-enabled… Continue reading

POP3 Email Checker Based on an Arduino

In the past few decades, the snail mails are regarding as the most popular communication method. Honestly, most of the people got some new pen pals, thanks to the standard mails. However, time flies by and the technology is already advanced onto another higher level. Nowadays, the snail mails are no longer popular as before. Instead, the Email service is becoming a new favor, especially for the younger generation. So, if you’re one of those who always using POP3 Emails, then you should build a better Arduino POP3 Email Checker! To be honest, this is not a completed task at all, as you only have to combine the Arduino with POP3 Email Checker. It’s probably the best device, especially for those who wants to use the Arduino to check the email and give some sort of visual indication of how many emails that you’ve received daily. For the amateur home hobbyist, the Arduino code could be a little bit tricky, as you have to get the timing right and the number of emails out of the return string. However, you… Continue reading