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Ambitious project of measuring most of physiological signals

Human body emits many signals that can be captured for diagnostics. Probably most heard of them is ECG (Electrocardiogrphy). But there are many more bio-signals that can tel much about our health status. These are EEG (Electroencephalography) – brain activity, EMG (Electromyography) – muscle activity, ENG (Electronystamography) and EOG (Electrooculography) – eye movement. Each of these signals are very weak and irresistible to noise. To there is a special care taken of analog part of circuit. Analog part is driven by ADS1299 – 8-channel 24 bit ADC which takes care of reading ECG signals. Digital part is based on ATSAM3X microcontroller which is Arduino compatible. Currently project is at ECG measuring position. But since it’s been released as open source project, it will grow up to include the rest measuring options. To track its current stage and add your thoughts you can at github. Continue reading