MinDUINO – small Arduino clone

We are used standard Arduino board shape which for some people may be quite annoying. And if you can’t stand it then trace your own board. Simply speaking Arduino is AVR chip with bootloader. Projectavr has been developing his own board version of Arduino called minDuino. It is simplified Arduino board with no USB connection part – only header for FTDI adapter. Also there is no Arduino like header alignment for shields, but all pins are brought out on dual line pin header. Board comes with linear 7805 voltage regulator, ISP header and couple LEDs where one is power LED and another user programmable. If you like this shape, you can build one for yourself as eagle CAD files are available for download. Continue reading

BO.Duino gives you more features

As the name sounds, it just another version of the Arduino, only with added features and pheripherals. It’s based on Arduino Duemilanova which is a version of Arduino having 32kb of memory at 16Mhz on an Atmega328. However this board that I am going to talk about features an on-board real time clock, including a SD card adaptor. Apart from the above two it also has an on-board RGB led, and an already interfaced external memory chip along with support to connect  a Dht11 sensor which is a temperature and humidity sensor working on SPI protocol The board should be configured as Arduino Duemilanova on Arduino IDE. A jumper is used to select the FT232 chip output level. The FT232RL enables you to programme a new firmware or change the bootloader without the need of extrernal programmer .The board power supply has to be manually configured. All the schematic and required code files are included and can be downloaded. Overall a good project, but I believe better board are availabel with more pheripherals on-board and with a better version of… Continue reading

Arduino clone with V-USB

We already know that V-USB is a great way to add software USB to most AVR devices. According to this a makehackvoid team have build an Arduino clone that doesn’t use any USB to TTL converters like FTDI chip, but pure software USB inside Atmega328. Board has some similarities to Arduino and some differences as well. First of all latest revision is shield compatible. Firmware uploading is made with USBasp bootloader. It runs at 20Mhz instead of 16MHz. There is no 3.3V source included. Despite other minor differences from Arduino it is fully featured Arduino clone board that is much simpler and can be manufactured at home with less effort. Continue reading