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Getting ready for Christmas with SMS controlled lights

Christmas is nearing and we start thinking of decorations and lighting projects. There are tons of choices what to use. But if you want something more, then try adding something your own like remote control for Christmas lights. By following an instructable you will be able to build an SMS controlled lights. The idea was to use Arduino Yun, protoshield with small breadboard, a 5V relay, buzzer and few other small things. Relay is simply attached to light controller button circuit so it could take over with Arduino control signal. Arduino Yun is used to connect to internet of things website called Temboo. It allows setting up remote services where you can send messages and so pass parameters to Arduino and from it. Once set you can start sending SMS messages like “Lights on” or “Lights off” and this way switch or toggle light effects. Each control is followed by audible alarm from piezo buzzer. Of course you can extend this project by adding more light circuits or give more switching options as you like. Continue reading

Arduino based Christmas tree

Like on any other Christma,s this year hobbyists again try to create something beautiful to make this event nice and unique. Jose have shared his project details where he builds a small Christmas tree lit with RGB LEDs. Circuit is really simple – Arduino drives 20 RGB LEDs using WS2812b. LEDs are driven in cascade so only single data pin is required. Ornament is also equipped with buzzer. It plays along with LED effects. Great idea for Christmas gift. Continue reading

Waiting for Christmas with Arduino Uno powered tree

Jason with his dad have been working on a Christmas tree project. It’s an Arduino Uno powered tree with no actual tree. They’ve put 16 light strands around flag pole to mimic tree. The whole fun lies in control circuit. It is based on Arduino UNO that drives 16 mechanical relays. They even added a LED to indicate each relay activity. So far they programmed 14 different sequences – should be no problem to add more. Continue reading