Dedicated bot for each plant

Some plants are very sensitive and need constant care. Unless our work is to watch out for plants, we cannot be always there and ensure perfect conditions. So at least for most sensitive we can build a bot that would look after it. Appleman123987 have built good looking planterbot which always keep an eye on plant and displays on LCD when something is needed. Planterbot is based on Arduino Uno which reads plant environment parameters: Thermistor reads surrounding temperature, Cds photocell reads light and moist sensor out of aluminum foil reads water level in soil. The case of planter bot is made of laser cut plywood with cutout for LCD and aluminum moist sensor. No wires are poking out (except USB cable for power). Moist is measured at the bottom. If there were watering ability, then it would take care of plant even better. Continue reading

Arduino based portable electro-acoustic orchestra

This is quite interesting project that involves couple Arduino UNO, bunch of servo motors, solenoids and other parts. All together are assembled to play russian folk “Gusli-samogudy”. Dmitry have assembled this bot to play tunes that are common in russian fairy tales. Bot can play in three modes including Pure Data patch, controlled by Emotiv EPOC EEG interface and MIDI interface. Continue reading

Arduino bot uses stepper motors to drive

Bajdi have build pretty interesting bot platform. To drive the bot he used four small stepper motors that are mounted on servo motors. Servo motors are used to change direction. Such construction looks pretty effective. Bot can change direction instantly by turning wheels while platform stays at same position. It seems that small stepper motors are slow and have low torque. To compensate this he gave more power by attaching 3S LiPo battery. Stepper motors require 16 I/O pins. Plus 4 for servos. To reduce pin usage he used 74HC595 shift register. Instead of using Arduino library Bajdi wrote his own routine that gave him more confidence. And freedom while driving motors through shift registers. Continue reading

Simple Arduino bot

Building bots can be fun. Especially when you don’t have to deal with electronics very much. Just grab an Arduino board, mount  it with several additional components as SN754410 H-bridge motor driver chip. Put couple DC motors with wheels mounted. Just few lines of code and you are ready to buzz. Simple, easy, fast and great fun – especially when doing it with kids. Continue reading