Loveduino – Arduino for loved ones

If you feel tired of those squared PCB boards – try something new. Takumi Funada has developed really unique Arduino board. It is a heart shaped Arduino board with all Arduino pins available, but these aren’t shield compatible. It is Atmega168/328p compatible single sided board. It doesn’t have any voltage regulators or USB to TTL converter. So you have to use your own external converter like one from Sparkfun. Despite this you can amaze everybody with this piece of art which actually can do serous job. Continue reading

TB-007 Metal Detector – The Mighty Treasure Detector!

You’re having a relaxing vacation with your family at the beach and having a nice sunbathe. Suddenly, a strange robot is approaching you. You’re curious and think, “Hmm…, it’s impossible to see a robot in the beach, unless there’s something important mission or secret is going on here!” So, you quickly bounce up from the beach and follows the robot… Isn’t the above incident sounds like a little bit adventurous for you? Well, guess what! You can make the above fictional story becomes reality, by simply getting yourself into this amazing project, “TB-007 Metal Detector”! The TB-007 is a smart robot that equipped with a metal detector. You can use it to locate those hidden treasures on the beach, forests or deserts. There’s a wireless camera attached at the front top of the TB-007, which is allowing the user to monitor the bots treasure-hunting progress from the comfort of his deck. Furthermore, the camera is mounted to a servo, and has a Laser pointer attached at the front of the robot for detecting purpose! By the way, TB-007 is an… Continue reading

Phduino – The pH meter using Arduino board for Glass Electrode!

How many of them ever use the pH meter to measure the pH of foods/drinks in your daily living life? Honestly, even though pH meter isn’t a brand new gadget in nowadays, but it’s still an unfamiliar device for most of the households. For those who have no idea, what is a pH meter for, it’s an electronic instrument, which is used to measure the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of liquid or half-liquid form. Normally, a typical pH meter is designed with a special measuring probe (A glass electrode) and connects to an electronic meter to measure the pH. After it, the pH reading is displaying on the screen. While most of the pH meter is only a standalone device, it’s a challenging yet fascinating project, especially when we are going to build a phduino here. Well, the phduino is a unique device, as it’s the combination of open-source pH meter using an Arduino board. This means, phduino is actually an electronic circuit, which is connected with a glass electrode pH sensor. It sounds like a very impressive device, isn’t… Continue reading

Geeky 3 meter clock system

Seems that Arduino rocks the world. More and more great projects appearing that are built around Arduino board. And this is great because it allows to focus more on creative things than on MCU routines. This project caught my attention because of its uniqueness – it displays a time on three analog panel meters. And this is not all this clock can do – it also updates itself by logging to SNTP time server via Ethernet Shield. Adafruit Proto Shield allows easy interfacing of analog panel meters. Arduino sends time as PWM signals where OP-AMP drivers scales them to display time correctly on panels. I think this is great project to make your working table even more geeky. Continue reading