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Bluetooth controlled lights

The project is about controlling led lights over Bluetooth using windows mobile platform. There have been huge number of projects to control one or the other thing over Bluetooth, but majority of them have been for Android platform. This one is a little different as it can control up to eight synchronized lights over Bluetooth using a windows mobile phone. Each light contains an Arduino processor along with a 16 NeoPixel ring which is easily available online. The rings are ‘chainable’ i.e. the output pin of one is connected to the input pin of another and hence can be controlled by a single microcontroller pin. The effect generated by the ‘ring lights’ is excellent and are synchronized. Moreover, the shade and the box used are 3D printed and the necessary files might be available on request. The application used has some inbuilt effect such as Flickering along with a slider to change to color of the LED’s. The sample project along with the necessary files for Windows 8.1 and above are available on the codeplex for you guys to try… Continue reading

Portable Bluetooth enabled LED matrix display

Large LED displays can be used for many purposes. They can serve as signs, indicators, message displays. What about portable display? This idea gives even more uses. R-B in embedded-lab have published his Buletooth-enabled LED matrix display which is built of 8×64 LEDs. It is capable of displaying static messages, scrolling text. All settings can be sent via Bluetooth from your smart phone or other device where bluetooth is present. Display control is based on Arduino which interfaces HC-06 Slave bluetooth transceiver module. Display is built of eight 8×8 monochromatic LED modules that are daisy chained in to large display. Each module comes with MAX7219 driver chip. Software heavily depends on various libraries that enable controlling behavior of messages, scrolling them, adjusting brightness and so on. To make it portable he powered display with rechargeable 9V battery pack and regulated voltage to 5V with standard LM7805 voltage regulator. Continue reading

Additional LED tachometer uses OpenXC

Pete has bought new car and he wanted to build his own tachometer which would be more visible. So he built a LED ring based tachometer called Blueshift. The name already tells that data to tachometer is coming over bluetooth. Things become easy because new cars like Ford Fiesta is equipped with OpenXC API that is used by Android devices. It simply packs car diagnostic information in to JSON API which can be accessed via bluetooth. So Arduino with bluetooth module can capture this data and parse it to get tachometer data which then can be used to indicate on RGB LED ring. To make this indicator look great inside new car, he 3D printed nice enclosure which can be attached to front window. It obviously makes easier to see it with peripheral vision that looking at panel. And also it looks cool. Continue reading

Bluetooth enabled LED matrix

LED matrix is a great way of displaying either text pr graphical messages. The more dots you have – the more freedom you get. In other hand when number of dots increases, you got to think about easy way of sending messages to it. lucadentella decided to go with Bluetooth option. He assembled Arduino circuit on the bottom of LED matrix which is driven by HC1632C controller. Arduino takes care of receiving Bluetooth messages from HC-05 Bluetooth module. Special care was taken on powering the thing. First of all he added LiPo battery charging and monitoring circuit. Then another circuit is used to rice LiPo battery voltage to 5V. Arduino accepts simple Bluetooth messages using basic protocol, so any device like Android smartphone can be used to send data. Continue reading

Programming Arduino over Bluetooth

It seems that wireless programming ability is getting more popular. The benefit is obvious – you get rid of wires and there is no need to bring board next to computer. This is handy when device is already deployed. So Joshua shared his bluetooth programming shield for Arduino. Technically speaking there is nothing fancy about it, because bluetooth connects to serial interface – so it simply acts as virtual wire. When this buletooth module is connected to computer it is seen as COM port. Bluetooth modules like HC-05 are very cheap, so it doesn’t add much cost to overall budget. Continue reading

Pairing Arduino and Android device

Since Android devices keep spreading across the world, it is natural that we want it to be more than a phone. OS based devices are meant to be customizable in various ways. You already can find tons of apps that are capable to replace various remote controls using IR, BlueTooth or WiFi channels. Techbitar from instructables has been working on Android controller for Arduino so called Andruino. This project is two part work. The first one is Android user interface. It gives ability to control Arduino digital, analog pins, send text messages to Arduino and receive as well. Android device talsk to Arduino using BlueTooth channel. Of course Arduino has to be connected to Bluetooth module. The testing has been done with HC-05 BlueTooth module. On Arduino there is also a special software running that listens to commands coming from Bluetooth and then performs the actions. Such setup may be handy for remote control of your devices around the house. Continue reading