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The Fun of Developing Arduino-based Talking and Remote Thermometer

For the home hobbyists, life would be extremely boring without the existing of Arduino projects! If you’re looking for some interesting Arduino-based project, then you’ve came to the right place… Guys, today you’ll have the opportunity to build up a fantastic Arduino-based Talking and Remote Thermometer. This project isn’t a hard task, especially for the professional home hobbyists. By the way, you should prepare the following components: An Arduino (With one free analog input port); A Solderless Breadboard; A 10k resistor; A 10k NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) Thermistor. It’s time to kickstart the project! First of all, you’ll need to use the Power (+5v), Gnd (Ground) and one of the Analog-in connectrors (Pin 0) on the Arduino. For your information, the Analog-in connectors are normally located near bottom right-hand corner of the board. Furthermore, you’ll notice that the Power connectors are situated just to the left of analog-in connectors! After that, you’re going to set up the 10k NTC thermistor and 10k resistor on the breadboard. Before you ended up the project, please make sure that all connections between the… Continue reading

The Artificial Intelligent Talking and Remote Thermometer!

You might have probably know the use of thermometer (We’ve learned this stuff during elementary school, unless you didn’t pay much attention on the science class!). Most of the thermometers are quite ordinary and dull, as it has not many functions, except for measuring the temperatures in either degree Celsius or degree Fahrenheit! Well, if you having the chance to develop an outstanding thermometer, which include the talking and remote features, would you have any interest to build it? Yep, this project is about the Arduino-based talking and remote thermometer, where it based on the Arduino Duemilanove. Honestly, you don’t have to do too much of modifications, as the Arduino Duemilanove is already equipped with all the great features, such as: It has 14 digital input/output pins, where six of them can be used as PWM ouputs, Six analog inputs, A 16MHz crystal oscillator, An ICSP header; and A reset button. It contains almost everything that needed to be supported the microcontroller! With just a simple connection, you can have your very own personal Arduino-based talking and remote thermometer working… Continue reading